Tormenta - Tattooed Scars - Review

February 1, 2019


It's very rare that we see a local/emerging band create such a hype around themselves But Tormenta have done a wonderful job in the lead up to Tattooed Scars being released and I think that the efforts the band have put in are worth a shout just as much as the release itself.


Tattooed Scars is a great release that shows us the direction the band are moving in and what to expect from the future release.


Packed with energy and melodies and a memorable chorus that burrows it's way inside your head and stays there for days, it's a huge single for a band that is consistently growing and out doing themselves.


It's refreshing to see a band do everything for themselves and also show others how to do it, giving a real family vibe to the local scene and helping those who are struggling to take that next step.


All eyes will be on Tormenta for a long time, they have the full package and Tattooed Scars is just enough to tease us into needing more from them very soon.


A fantastic release from a band that seems to have the world at thier feet, and deservedly so.


You can follow Tormenta here:



Final Riff Rating: R R R R 

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