After The Departure - Self Titled EP Review

February 22, 2017


Local lads After The Departure have thrown us their new self-titled EP to check out, have a look at what we think. 


On first play through there are so many positives to look at, for starters I never imagined that it would be such a high quality release, we get sent a lot of local demos and unfinished sounding tracks but After The Departure is the complete package.


The songs themselves are incredible and mix such a perfect contrast between the clean and scream vocals. It's such an effortless and pleasing record, a huge credit to the band and to the local scene.


They present themselves as a band with years of professional recording experience and really leave you wanting to hear more, it's a shame there are only six tracks!


If this is what they can do with an EP we are extremely excited to see what they can produce with a full length album, and more importantly, what they can produce on stage.





3-The North ***Star Track***

4-All Hail The Prom Queen


6-Fairytale Of A Digital Age


A solid effort lads, we really, really fucking like this!

Recorded by Phil Gornell & Drew Lawson at Sheffield Steel City Studios.


R R R R 

**Ones to watch**

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