Chisel Beeches - Last In, First Out - EP Review

December 30, 2016

Chisel Beeches are back with their second EP 'Last In, First Out', released only 8 months after their debut EP titled 'In A Week, On A Whim'.

The lads have been hard at work to deliver something that gives more than what their initial release did.


Opening the EP with 'Friday Night's A Lie' you'd be understandably fooled into believing that the guys were actually a metal band or working along those lines with some very punchy opening riffs which gives them a fresh, gritty sound compared to some pop-punk bands in the circuit at the moment. 


It's hard to think of another band that has established a unique and fresh approach to their music within 2 small EP releases, let alone one that has achieved this in a matter of eight months. They wanted to bring something catchier, something heavier and something fresher to the game, and they have brilliantly delivered. 


It's pop-punk as it should be. It's perfect. 


A fresh sound from a band with great prospects, we really can not wait for their first full feature to drop.


Track listing:

1 - Friday Night's A Lie

2 - Never Know

3 - VIP

4 - You Know I'm Right 


RRRR (4/5)* 


**Ones To Watch** 







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