• Adam Ruane

Sandra's Wedding - Frame Yourself

In these trying times it is great to be reminded of the great things in life, such as music.

We have been sent the newest release from Sandra's Wedding, here is what we make of it.

Sandra's Wedding have always been tagged with huge comparison to The Beautiful South/Housemartins largely down to frontman Joe's uncanny vocals.

The songwriting on Frame Yourself seems to delve into a direction similar to The Beautiful South, with a very similar style taking shape, which is ABSOLUTELY a compliment. Other similarities I can hear in influences are james.

You may have heard the lead single from the release "Lip Service" which has been getting rave reviews from media since it dropped.

Sandra's Wedding are quite arguably the best band to come out of our home town of Goole, ever! With an incredible array of talent, an ever growing catalogue of incredible tracks and an ever growing fan base.

The band will absolutely thrive, having an ability to engage a younger audience with their song writing and in the same breath engaging older fans with a throwback style.

It will not be long until they are invited to play bigger stages, and maybe even get the chance to support Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abott or even james!

A fantastic, well written, clever and expertly composed release. Very well done.


Effortlessly beautiful.

You can check the band out here:

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