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Luke Rainsford - Tip Toe - Review

Whilst we are slowly coming to terms with how life is at the moment with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic it is great to see glimers of hope of normality resuming, one of those glimers comes in the form of Luke Rainsford's brand new single Tip Toe which is taken from his upcoming EP World in Colour.

We have had the pleasure of watching Luke grow and develop over the years and with each passing release you feel a great sense of maturity developing within his music, pushing forward from his early acoustic work into his fresher sounding work.

Tip Toe carries enormous pop punk vibes that are sure to carry your mind to your favourite summer festivals, drinking warm lager in the belting sun.

It is also a reminder that even though life may well be at a standstill things can and absolutely will get better, one day we will be able to return to these events and witness songs such as Tip Toe from the stage.

Luke has developed an amazing following over the years, touring relentlessly and is finally receiving the praise he so rightfully deserves.

Tip Toe is arguably one of his finest pieces of work and if it is an indicator as to how brilliant the new EP is going to be then we honestly can not wait to hear that too.

A fantastic little summery jam to keep your spirits high.


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