• Adam Ruane

Laurence Crow & The Imaginary Band - Into The Grave - Review

Maturity is a word thrown around in cliche in music, normally used when you don't have any other words to describe a musicians progress.

That simply is not the case here, maturity is the key tone of the new direction Laurence Crow (formerly Wolfe Sunday) is headed.

His once vibrant pop punk undertones have been diminished and now in their place stands this dark, mysterious almost gothic presence.

Both lyrically and musically haunting. It is a very welcomed maturity that transfers spectacularly to the live stage, as we were so lucky to witness last winter at Pop Punk Pile Up 2.

Laurence Crow has become more than a guy with a guitar, he has developed into a storyteller, and he captures your attention immediately.

RIFFTERSCALE Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Stream Into The Grave here:

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