• Adam Ruane

J A X X - Ghosted - Review

Described as an alternative/emo pop singer J A X X has released a new 6 track EP titled Ghosted.

Ghosted vibes with a lot of influences, rap, pop, techno, rock, metal, RnB and it all blends masterfully.

No song is the same as the previous, which engages the listener, tuned in not knowing where the next track will take you.

From the super summer vibes of Slush Puppy to the dulcet tones of Trouble the EP has a strong variant of J A X X and his abilities to write and produce almost any style of track.

It is mightly impressive stuff and something that is out of the norm, which may work wonders for his development.

A breath of fresh air and we are 100% behind it!

Nice work.

RIFFTERSCALE Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Stream Ghosted here:

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