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Harrison Rimmer - Broken Strings - Feature

We have managed to have a sit down with Harrison Rimmer ahead of the release of his newest EP Broken Strings, which is due out on May 20th.

We have gone through each single with a short review and a little bit of information on what each song means to Harrison.

The record was recorded in a friends (Luke) house in Leeds just me and a acoustic guitar as we were both chilling out at his place and got talking about my music and travels which lead us to record a load of material, Broken Strings is a collection of my favourite four.

1. Proud: I wrote this song when I started touring around and I was constantly thinking to myself am I making the people who are closest to me proud? It’s kind of me digging into my selfish side and ripping it apart in a few words.

Proud is kind of a letter home type song to Harrisons family and friends, it carries the signature Harrison Rimmer tone, something that long time fans will easily recognise. It is a soothing and calming entrance to the EP. It carries a lot of emotion from the vocals which put a highly personal spin on the track.

2. Broken String. I wrote this song after a pretty intense break up, the song kind of speaks for itself really but this was a time where I wasn’t myself. I did a lot of stupid things, like anyone does when their heart is broken, but luckily I’ve moved on since then and I’m a lot happier. I feel like this song could help someone else going through a tough time.

A much more up-beat single than Proud and really shows Harrison Rimmer's song writing diversity with an ability to switch from mellow, chilled acoustics to pacey pop vibes. I feel this track would work really well with more instruments thrown in to flesh it out. It is the title track of the EP which tends to carry a little more pressure for it to be perfect and I can see why he has selected it. A great piece of music which will surely be a live favourite.

3. Lion Heart. This is the closest I’ll get to politics “Lion Heart you’re in a mess, you see the home fires burning but there’s non in your chest”. Was a line I came up with in Australia at Rainbow Beach watching the news on England talking about Brexit and all the terrible politics and for some reason the more I watch the world this line for me sticks out.

Shorter than the previous tracks but in no way less punchier. As Harrison mentioned above this was influenced by poor politics and it certainly gives off a vibe that he is calling out the government.

4. Ten Miles. I wrote this song for a guy I met outside of a show in Nuneaton after supporting the lead singer of Inspiral Carpets and he was a drunken mess outside wanting to talk to his ex. He played me a voice message he wanted to say to her and talked about what he wanted to do. Long story short he didn’t call her and I haven’t heard from him since. This ones for you mate.

Arguably the best song on the EP, or at least my favourite anyway! I feel that this is a song that could be played at any bar and would gather a song a long, it has a great story to it and a catchy chorus to boot.

Broken Strings is a great little collection of songs and each one has their own unique story and feel, it is a great release and will keep fans happy whilst they wait for the next installment from Harrison.

Broken Strings will be available on May 20.


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