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Land Sharks - Rock-A-Lips - Review

The worlds sexiest, dirtiest and god damn rockiest supergroup is back. Land Sharks return with their second EP Rock-A-Lips, and my word it is filth. The supergroup which consists of members from Mr Shiraz, Embrace, Wayward Sons and Nu Popes are a match made in hell. Following on from the self titled release and a string of sell out tour dates with Embrace the band return and we can definitely hear a huge growth in their music output.

It's a mash up of every members influence, but nothing is fighting for the spotlight, it all works and flows perfectly, combining into the sexiest, grungiest, rockiest, jazziest, punkiest earful of noise that has ever hit you. No song sounds the same and the band don't really have that signature sound most bands stick to and develop. Instead they have a constantly changing and refreshing style which keeps the listener engaged. Mikey's vocals come through incredibly powerful and give off a huge presence which seems to make it easier for the band to experiment with their musical styling. Be it a darker tone displayed in "Foundations" or a slower tempo shown in "Hereditary" the band have the capability to do what they like with the level of expertise they have in their arsenal. With the amount of success each member has rightfully had over the years in their other projects there is no denying that Land Sharks will be growing massively over the next year or so. It's arena rock, it's festival rock, it's hard hitting, take your daughter out and not call her the next day rock.

Fuck yeah Land Sharks. Fuck yeah! RIFFTERSCALE RATING : 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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