• Adam Ruane

Eviscerate The Crown - Interview

1. Which bands have had the biggest impact on you to date, musically and visually?

Neil McNaughton – Bass “I think that’s a bit of a different story for each of us, but I guess generally we listen to a lot of Architechs, Thy Art is Murder, Northlane and Periphery.

Sam Shergold (Drums) and I (NM) caught Architects Show live in August and it was amazing how they brought together so many elements to create an awesome show, we definitely have taken some really great ideas aware from that” 2. Which are the three albums in your collection that would surprise people the most?

Liam Carroll – Vocals “Mongo Jerry in the Sun, Dorris by Earl Sweatshirt and Razer Blade Romance by HIM” 3. Thinking outside of music; can you pick three films/books/pieces that have inspired you as an artist, and can you explain why? NM “I guess A Clockwork Orange influence on us is that the director has put a different spin on things, he has taken such a violent theme and tried to make it bearable for the viewer. Some would say that what he did was psychologically wrong, but we think we do similar with modern day evils by painting them in a bearable light.” LC – “I would probably say ‘Zelda - Breathe of the Wild’ because of the beauty in the darkness and the metaphor for life, that those who work hard and chase after their dreams achieve greatness even in the overwhelming struggles that we all face.” Samuel Shergold – Drums “Our Final one would be Howls Moving Castle, well at least for me, because of the blends of light and darkness that the director has created. His ability to create a piece of art that draws you in and takes you a journey through the darkness, where you realise its beauty that you never realised was there before.” 4. Where and when can we next expect to see you play?

Ben Simpson - Guitarist “Our working drive at the moment is to get over to the UK and Europe in the next 12-18 months.” 5. In the past year, which albums have stuck out to you most and why?

Alex Myers – Guitarist “For each of us its been a big year with some great music being produced, but a few albums include: Holy Hell by Architects, Reverence by Parkway Drive Alien by Northlane Hail Stan by Periphery Soul Burn by Dealer” 6. What was the inspiration behind your artwork?

LC – “Unearthed is about being reborn and pushing through the darkness that life can throw at you. You can either lay down and accept your fate, allowing it to swallow you whole or you can stand up and fight, keeping the darkness at bay. The track takes listeners on a journey of light and dark shades, times of hardship and success, fully encapsulating the hardship of getting out alive! I guess the question you have to ask yourself is will you make it out alive?” 7. What’s next for you?

BS – “We are hoping to Tour Australia by the end of the year, we also are in the studio starting to track our next Release and if we get the chance we would like to get out to the UK and Europe next year.”

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