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Lyon Estates - Welcome To The Family

Over the past few years Lyon Estates have cemented themselves as one of the biggest names on our local scene, each release seems to come with this heavy expectation that it may be the one that finally propels them into the stratosphere.

Welcome To The Family is the latest installment from the lads and again, the expectation weighs heavy.

Opening with Streatley we are lured in with Jonny Gills soothing vocals with a poetic little number to get the juices flowing. A pretty different vibe to usual Lyon Estates tracks but certainly a welcomed change in tempo. If anything it further proves the depth of the band and the talent they have at their disposal to create music.

Linton Street brings us back to familiar territory with that signature Lyon Estates sound, something that is immediately recognisable and increasingly perfecting with each release. 

Grand Place again continues the familiarity with Lyon Estates, the release is a perfect way to introduce yourself to the band if you haven't yet given them a chance, Welcome To The Family, thIs is who we are and what we do.

Hokitika has been added to the release as well, the previously released single is a definite top 10 in Lyon Estates history and takes its rightful place on the release.

Penbryn is the last new track and again gives a fresh feel to Lyon Estates. From my point of view working with both Lyon Estates and Jonny Gill for many years now it feels as though Jonny has added a new dynamic since joining the band and some of these new tracks are more an extension of his solo work with a twist on them.

It feels as though the band are refining themselves more and more and it begs the question WHEN WILL SOMEONE GIVE THEM A BREAK?! to be answered.

They fully deserve to be touring on a global circuit with major artists, but, at the end of the day if nobody will take a chance on them everyone on the Yorkshire Pop Punk Scene will always love and hold them in high regard.

There are two bonus tracks with Hokitika and Borderline acoustic versions added in for good measure. 

Keep up the outstanding work boys.


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