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Katie Kittermaster - Interview

1. Which bands have had the biggest impact on you to date, musically and visually?

The Streets, Oh Wonder and The Script I think have had the greatest impact; just some of their lyrics I really connect with and feel. The Script was a favourite of my Dad’s and we used to listen to their songs in the car together so the music also connects me to very happy family times. 2. Which are the three albums in your collection that would surprise people the most? 

Both sides now by Joni Mitchell - it just simply bangs. Labour of Love UB40 and to be honest I’ve also got quite into Techno, House and DnB where I guess albums aren’t so much a thing? But yes an eclectic mix maybe… 3. Thinking outside of music; can you pick three films/books/pieces that have inspired you as an artist, and can you explain why? Wow these are really making me think... ‘My Girl’ was one of the first DVDs I owned and I vividly remember watching it on a long car journey and crying my eyes out and then proceeding to watch it probably another 15 times!!! I simply love a good cry. 

The same goes for the film ‘A Little Princess’; cried for days. I am dyslexic so reading is not my forte!! 

My favourite theatre piece has to be ‘Journey’s End’ - such a powerful play. Truly engaging and gut wrenching. I was the youngest person in the theatre, at the age of 12, but nothing has come close to moving me more deeply than this piece of theatre. 4. Where and when can we next expect to see you play? I have had a busy summer with lots of gigs. The next gigs are The Big Festival, followed by Carfest and then my second gig with Ronan Keating. The night after the gig wit Ronan at Kimbolton Castle, I start my 22 night tour with Boyzlife! 5. In the past year, which albums have stuck out to you most and why?

I am not sure if there have been stand-out albums for me but there have certainly been stand-out artists. Billie, Ed Sheeran, Ariana. I mean.. .game changers really, I think. For diversity and confidence and sheer brilliance, especially on a production level. 6. What was the inspiration behind your artwork? I have a long surname and people really struggle with saying it and spelling it! During trips to Germany to work with some other writers (through a publisher that we are in talks with), they commented that Kittermaster was too difficult for fans to adopt. I have always been called KK by my parents and many of my friends so it just made sense to create a logo using these initials. 7. What’s next for you?

Well nothing is certain in this industry but after the tour with Boyzlife, I will be going to Nashville to work with some writers. I also will be recording some more of my music as there’s quite a back catalogue already! I have some exciting showcases in October and may be heading off on another tour. I plan to keep working hard, keep writing and keep enjoying this journey that I am on! 

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