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Juggernaut- Head Trauma - Review

It isn't very often we get the pleasure to review some home town talent. But finally we have something to shout about as local band whore Robbie Burton has ventured back into music and taken some familiar faces along with him.

The former Castor Troy vocalist has taken former In Search Of Sunrise bassist Darren Moorhouse and former Melody Of Your Demise pisshead Craig "Full Hodge" Hodge and merged them with Henry Jewitt and Andy Howcutt to complete the line-up.

Head Truama is a 6 track EP that lays down the blueprints of this new project. Bringing in heavy tech elements and merging them with the ever familiar metalcore feel Burtons bands normally model themselves on to breathe a welcome gust of fresh air to the local scene.

The songs are incredibly well written and produced and are lining up to be a massive debut release. Think along the lines of Architects and you arent a million miles away from what they are bringing to your ears.

It's great to also see James Marshall (In Search Of Sunrise) guest on a track, again linking back to previous local bands we have had the pleasure of working alongside.

The band as a whole is one huge mates fest and you can really hear all their individual elements and influences merging and beating the fuck out of each other creating this juggernaut of a sound.

We can only see these guys going from strength to strength if they can keep this momentum and keep the music flowing.

Impressive stuff, if you like your music loud, in your face and tied together with intricate technical elements then you will love this.


Juggernaut are:

Robbie Burton - Vocals 

Darren Moorhouse - Bass

Craig Hodge - Full Hodge/Guitar

Henry Jewitt - Guitar 

Andy Howcutt  - Drums.

Featured on tracks: 

James Marshall - In The Dark (3)

Gaz Mell - Misotheist (6)

Track Listing.

(1) - The Big "I Am"

(2) - Red Light Syndrome 

(3) - In The Dark  ***

(4) - White Flags 

(5) - A Way Out 

(6) - Misotheist


Head Trauma is released on Saturday 20 July 2019.

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