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Weatherstate - Born A Cynic - Review

I was super lucky to win the vinyl test press of the Weatherstate album Born A Cynic and so, figured I would do a review for the lovely lads.

Before hand a special mention must go to the lads for their constant PR work across social media which has helped gain them a fair bit of media attention. Ranging from using pop culture such as Pokemon to modern day meme culture to try captivate and amuse audiences. 

The band have drawn comparisons to Green Day (which was played upon in the video for Medicate)

However I feel Born A Cynic separates them from that comparison in a very good way.

With energetic and powerful components thrown into their songs it doesnt compare to Green Day at all. Finally setting that aside and giving them their own identity and own credentials to grow on.

The album is packed with beefy bass and playful pop punk riffs that give the band that distinctive Weatherstate sound that we hear developing through the early tracks.

With incredibly catchy songs from start to finish it really shows why there is such a great amount of hype building up around the band and we can only see them going from strength to strength.

To sum it up, Wearherstate are catchy as fuck and strong enough to stand on their own feet without being compared and picked apart, just sit back and enjoy what you're being treated to.

You can watch the video for MEDICATE here:


And you can listen to the album via SPOTIFY here: 

Born A Cynic

Riffterscale Rating : 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

***Ones to watch!***

- Adam. 

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