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Knocked Loose - Mistakes Like Fractures

Knocked Loose – Mistakes Like Fractures, Pure Noise Records. 

Mistakes Like Fractures is the latest instalment from the utter hardcore titans that are Knocked Loose. If you are a fan of music that makes you want to kick your best mate in the face, Knocked Loose are the band for you. With a durable and heavy as shite sound the guys never fail to disappoint. Mistakes Like Fractures opens the EP, as soon as you hear those opening riffs you know this is going to go down really well at shows. Pure cloud clearing potential! 

Theres a lovely mix of dropped groove and discorded accents throughout with vocals that will catch on and make you shout them back at the guys. Its generic as fuck sounding in terms of hardcore but what else would you expect from a hardcore band? That’s like ordering dominos pizza and expecting a fucking big mac! 

The break down is heavy as fuck and drops in nicely really reminds me of the early days of bands like Your Demise and Pay No Respect which is a compliment in my eyes. 

It finishes the song off beautifully, it’s the first time you really hear everything fully come together sonically.

Slings and Srrows is a blinder! Bryan Garris’ vocals are insane and truly the perfect way to front this band. A massive blend of classic hardcore teenage angst and dynamic affluence. He mixes those highs with a few extra dynamics in just the right places, its not one sided and that’s ace. 

this song really shows a tone of the band you need to hear. The intro really is a crowd pleaser the way it hits into that lush little guitar riff is perfect, really makes you want to bang your head before ramming a god damn two step down your throat. 

All My Friends is a re recording of a classic. There's not too much to say here apart from it’s a great way to finish off a pretty hard hitting EP. I have to say though why do all hardcore bands hate their mates/home towns. 

As far as production goes, its tight as fuck all the guitars are there and sound ace. The bass cuts through beautifully and nothing is competing for sonic space which makes for an easier listen. 

If hardcore is your thing, this album is everything you expect from every band you’ve heard before and there's nothing wrong with that its fucking awesome just don’t expect innovation and you won't be disappointed. Just follow the rabbit. 4/5 


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