• Adam Ruane

AlteredSky - Surrounded

After what feels like a life time AlteredSky are back with a brand new single and music video titled Surrounded. 

The band are held in extremely high esteem, and rightfully so! Surrounded showcases the bands signature sound that they have worked tirelessly to develop and mature over the years and I think with this new release it is safe to say they have now mastered it.

Surrounded is a signal of intent from the band with high ferocity throughout that will be met with equal velocity to the bands growth in the coming year.

You would be forgiven if you had not yet heard of AlteredSky but mark my words, as this year hits its peak I highly anticipate they will be growing into a household name with their own brand of future arena filling anthems.

They seem fully focused and in the right state of mind to take on the world, with an already impressive back catalogue, extensive tour and festival experience and now seemingly back to full productivity with the single and video release.

Surrounded is a track that will get old fans very excited about what else is to come and it will also show potential new fans what they have been missing out on over the years.

The world is calling out for a new mammoth pop punk, hard hitting and anthem driven band to step up to the plate, and if we all took a moment to really get behind the band I see no reason why it can't be them.

An enormous sounding release, catchy and infectious delivered to us by standards no other band can currently match.

Fantastic work guys! 

Riffter Scale Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 



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