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Pray For Hayden - Second Chances Launch Show - Fulford Arms, York.

Saturday 30th March. Fulford Arms, York.

We had the absolute pleasure of being in attendance for the Pray For Hayden EP launch show to celebrate the release the new EP Second Chances, the follow up to debut EP Chances.

The line-up was jam packed of bands making it a total mates fest with Lyon Estates, WRTHLESS, Mr Shiraz and Pray For Hayden all performing. 

Lyon Estates opened the show, most probably to give Jonny Gill a breather to prepare for the headline set.. 

The guys showed us once again why they are arguably the strongest "local" band on our scene at the moment with a short and sweet set filled with fan favourites. It was the perfect opener for the night and really set the mood for what would turn out to be a hugely successful event.

Lyon Estates are held in very high regard and we learnt on the night that it wont be too long before are hearing new music from the lads, exciting stuff!

WRTHLESS were up next and had travelled all the way from Glasgow just for this show, which should already tell you all you need to know about them... yes, they're idiots. 

In all seriousness we have worked with and followed the lads for some time now and the commitment they have towards live shows and just getting out and playing anywhere is absolutely second to none.

They've travelled down to us for one off shows before and they're still doing it now! Unreal from the Scottish heart-throbs. 

They showed exactly why they've been picked up by renowned management company Reaction Management with an explosive set demonstrating their ever maturing sound and ability to wow audiences even if you cant understand a fucking word they're saying between song. 

The lads are an exceptional talent and fully focused on their music which is massively refreshing from a young band, so fair play boys, keep it up! 

Mr Shiraz were the main support for the evening, filling in last minute for Blueprints who had to cancel after guitarist Glenn fell ill after swallowing puddle water.

There isn't much you can say about Mr Shiraz that hasn't already been said one million times over before during their illustrious career. Strong vocals, amazing stage presence, energy, charisma and a whole lot of sex appeal. Pure rock at it's very finest! 


Pray For Hayden were ready to take to the stage, sporting their new on-stage uniform in the form of the shiny explorers club academy jackets (who's balls do we have to tickle to get our hands on one of these?!). 

The lads showed us nothing but pure passion throughout the set, hitting us with a fresh sounding set jammed with new songs and covers to please the crowd. 

They seem to have put so much effort into this show from the lights down to the stage uniform giving a real unity feeling that the band were back and ready to hit it hard with a new lease of life in the shape of the new line-up.

The band were asked to do an encore which gave us the chance to hear some old favourites, quite possibly for the last time in a while whilst the new EP has its touring cycle (hopefully not a 9 year cycle...) 

The lads really did themselves proud with an immense show and it's great to have them back and productive, we honestly cant wait to see what else is to come! 

Words - Adam Ruane

Pictures - Joshua Nash, Pocket Productions 

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