• Adam Ruane

Watch Me Rise - Of Anxious Minds And Sleepless Nights - Review

Firstly, congratulations to Watch Me Rise for claiming the longest title on the website ever! 

Watch Me Rise are a German emo/hardcore band and, just like football (well, not recently actually..) they do it a damn lot better than us English! 

The entire EP is a glorious throwback to the emo/post-hardcore heyday delivering five glorious tracks that leave you begging for more.

Watch Me Rise are growing thier presence over here in the UK with a strong following developing and with this debut EP it is easy to see why.

It is a great debut EP with a lot for the band to build on and work with for future releases, it is a high quality debut and should give them something to work with to help further develop thier fan base over here.

We look forward to watching them rise with each passing release and are excited for them to pass over this way soon, hopefully! 

In short, it's a very solid release with throwback vibes that we can certainly get behind! 

Great work! Or as they say in Deutschland, sehr gut! 





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