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Pioneers - Insecurities - Review

We never really know what to expect when a local/unsigned band approaches us with a debut release. Sometimes you get the bedroom demos and sometimes you get something special, something polished and perfected and that is exactly what Insecurities is.

Track listing

1. City of Plagues 

2. Checkpoint 

3. False Colours 

4. Shadow Link 

5. Grounded 

6. Ideals 

7. Headlights 

8. Iron Sky

9. Turned to Dust

Pioneers are a fresh faced metalcore/post hardcore band from Southampton and their debut album SLAPS HARD. (Is that what the cool kids are saying these days?).

Insecurities is jam packed full of riffs, chugs and most importantly, promise.

It sets the band on the right path to develop and really grow in our ever expanding metal market. 

It's difficult for a band to set themselves apart with so many bands coming forward and the scene becoming more and more like a dogfight to get noticed in, but we have high hopes for Pioneers and Insecurities.

A perfect blend of hooks, riffs, melodies, harsh and clean vocals all worked into this exceptionally well produced debut release.

If I had to pick a song as a favourite from the album to highlight the bands talent I would probably go with Headlights, which is the 7th track on the release. 

It showcases their full ability, it's catchy, well written and, I can't believe I am using this twice in a review, it slaps hard... I feel sick for using that twice. 

All in all I am really impressed with this album, for a debut it is incredibly strong, the question now is how will they build on this and develop as a band?





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