• Adam Ruane

Land Sharks - Self-Titled EP - Review

This is proper filthy, and we love it! 

Land Sharks are making a god damn big splash, currently on tour with Embrace and with this dirty rock 'n' roll in their arsenal it won't be hard for them to win fans over.

This is like a mix of The Rocky Horror Picture Show blended with dirty guitar tones and a real punk attitude, it's fucking incredible.

It's vocally strong and packed full of personality that separates them from any basic bitch dad rock bands out there at the moment. 

Cutting deep and taking no prisoners, this self-titled debut release certainly grabs the listeners with its massive jaws and rips them apart.

A solid release showing exactly why they are currently out on the enormous, sold out tour! 



You're gonna need a bigger pair of headphones to contain this beast. 



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