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Beth McCarthy - Self Portrait - Review

York's finest pop queen in the making has finally released her eagerly anticipated EP 'Self Portrait'. Beth McCarthy is the real deal when it comes to raw talent and untapped potential. 

Self Portrait is a work of art, a complex mix of emotions tangled and infused together to create a vision of McCarthy in audio format. A musical investigation into her feelings, like peering through the keyhole to her life and the EP handing you the key to explore deeper. 

SHAME is a delicate opener to the EP. Soothing and haunting vocals caress you and draw you in, the occasional bursts of energy break up the flow and give you a promise that 'Self Portrait' has much more to offer.

CRAZY FOR YOU hits us with a much higher tempo and has so many layers to it, it's explosive and really sets the feeling for the remainder of the EP, with the previously reviewed WILDFIRE on the list as well. We have a rough idea how the rest of the EP is going to shape up. CRAZY FOR YOU is another fine example of how incredibly talented Beth is, it shows off her vocal range beautifully, the production is top level as well! 

WILDFIRE there is not a lot left for us to talk about on this single following our previous review which scored a massive 10 on the Riffter Scale. As a single standing alone it is incredibly powerful and as a part of the EP it only grows in strength as a wonderful piece of music.

EVERYTHING the tempo is dropped again here and we are brought back down to the calming, soothing vocal range, Beth's soft voice trembling over an elegant instrumental composition. 

And, just like that, the EP is over.... Bitch, you thought! 

LIVING UP TO ME (BONUS TRACK) Often the bonus tracks on releases are just something thrown together as filler, but LIVING UP TO ME is arguably one of the best tracks on the EP, certainly from a lyrical point of view. It is a beautiful piece stripped back into a simplistic form with fantastic storytelling and a further demonstration as to how incredibly beautiful Beth's voice is.

All in all if this EP doesn't spark life into McCarthy's career then we really do not know what will, it is elegant, soothing, loving, beautiful, powerful, emotive, relatable. It is flawless, it really, truly is. 

Great work Beth, you should be incredibly proud!


🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 10. 




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