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Any Given Day - Overpower - Review

Any Given Day are a band all metal heads can get behind. If, like me, you grew up on Killswitch Engage on constant repeat the latest instalment in the bands already impressive discography should please you. Overpower is full of monster riffs, tasteful vocals and breakdowns that make you want to throw your cat across the living room! From the very first track through to the last you get introduced to the world metalcore used to be. Worthwhile song writing, catchy choruses and solos that make sense. 

I will say however that there are certain things I don’t like, a few unnecessary synthesisers here and there and a snare that sounds floppier than a slice of cheese that’s been sat in the sun for a few days. Don’t worry though you’ll be wanting to sing along to every chorus on the album. I can only imagine the bands live sound is something else. If they are as tight live as they are on record you’ll definitely want to add these onto your gig list for their next tour. There are several noted tracks on the album, Lonewolf is epic, it’s been a while since I’ve heard a track and just had to go back and re-listen straight away just to be like ‘oooof ! That chorus is the bollocks!’. Fear is another notable track, although it embodies some of the synthesisers I said I don’t like, at least this time around it's done tastefully and really aids the song. 

Fear really enables the pure talent that Any Given Day vocalist Dennis Diehl holds. He truly is a power house and deserves any spot light. He is unique and cuts through perfectly, he definitely deserves a shout against any other clean vocalist in metal! The whole album is a little bit cleaner and more polished then their previous releases, My Longest Way Home was a raw metal album through and through, this latest release is just a cleaner version with way more cleaner vocals. 

Overpower is a fantastic album and definitely deserves it's place in the bands discography, however I will say it doesn’t touch either of their last albums. If it's your first time listening to the band I beg you search their name and listen to anything on Everylasting. That was a monster album, with a huge sound. Overpower is just different and I respect that. 3.5/5 G 




Nuclear Blast Records

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