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Fallujah - Undying Light- Review

Fallujah – Undying Light Fallujah are a band that mixes death metal and ambient metal in the perfect way, its hard to pin point their sound, its kind of like Devil Sold His Soul and Gojira had a baby while cheating on Dream Theatre. 

They blend pure ambient and haunting tones with an in your face metal approach. Undying Light is a masterpiece, not one song disappointed me on the entire album, and I know some of their older fans don’t appreciate the new approach to song writing but I definitely do.

It’s a mature sound, they haven’t totally got rid of the prog rock style riffs and tones they’ve just added new dynamics to it. 

Yes there are less awkward time signatures, but the songs make more sense. There is a professional sound to the song writing and arrangements, yes they have cut out a lot of the blast beats, don’t worry there is most definitely still some in place, but they are used tastefully. You can tell that Fallujah grew up in the time of old school death metal. They used it as a focus point for their other releases and now they have surpassed it. 

Although I will argue that ‘Dreamless’ was very much the start to this, its only a coincidence that it was their first release on nuclear blast . It’s an album that combines some of their first two releases into the flesh prevails, making this insane mix of ambient death metal. This not only shows how a label like Nuclear Blast will see potential, but they’ll also develop a band. Which is something you cant say too often these days. The intro track to the album is a nice drift into things, it sets the pace like any opening song should do. It slaps you in the face with an insanely memorable guitar riff, that just makes you want to bang your head. The shear layers throughout the track really set it apart, I will however say its not the finest point of the album. But hey never start with the best. You can tell it's an album written as an album from this point, this isn’t some lads in a basement throwing tracks together to try and grasp a set list. This is true musicianship. Ultra Violet is a track you want to listen to live, which is amazing. I will say however some of the sections of the song do sound cluttered. 

But that ride bell in the blast sections !!!! They cut through the mix better that a hot knife through butter Dopamine and The Ocean Above are the climax of the entire album for me, the mix is beautiful. 

Everything sits in its own space like it should do and accents are exactly where they are needed, It’s simple but in the right ways. 

Also that bass tone in the verses show that you really don’t need to throw 7 shades of shit overdrive on a bass to get it to cut through. The slight hint of clean vocals work amazing, and add a thicker dynamic to the album. It’s very easy to over shoot this and add to many cleans. I love the 80s style lead guitars, they carry out on most of the second half of the album and it’s a sound that Fallujah have had on most of their releases, I must admit the first time I heard it I was confused and didn’t understand how they were supposed to sit in the track. I then went back to the previous albums and it hit me again. In summary, Undying Light is a flawless album. It combines everything a fan expected from their first EP all the way to their last album. There’s no way any fan or any metal head could pick up this album and not enjoy it. 

There are certain riffs or vocal parts that just grab you and you find yourself wanting to hear that EVERYWHERE! These boys are showing development and maturity, they’ve come a long way and they have a fantastic road ahead . 100% a 4/5 G

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