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Last One Home - You Don't Have To Hold On - Review

Last One Home By Jude

Last One Home are a stage sensation, up and coming three man pop rock band consisting of song-writer and singer-guitarist Tom Westlake, bassist Harry Lowndres and drummer Phil Horler.

The bands latest single ‘You Don't Have To Hold On’ released is already grabbing a lot of attention and popularity having been immediately added to the Indie Radar & This Noise Rocks playlists on Spotify and I can most certainly see why.

Listening to ‘You Don't Have To Hold On’ I can honestly say this song is perfect for feel good vibes as it got me up dancing. The vocals are just incredible and I can most certainly see why these boys are already becoming so popular. 

After chatting to Tom myself I asked him what inspired him to write the song and his answer was as followed; 

“It's one of my favourites taken from our upcoming album. I feel like is this a song a lot of people can relate to and it goes out to anyone who's struggling to let go of anything in their lives whether it be people, feelings, or anything of sentimental value. To me, it's a song where whatever you've been through, we can all come together and sing the chorus at the top of our lungs”.

The song myself I could relate to on a personal level and I felt connected to it immediately as in life we struggle to let go of many things and this song inspires those that its okay that ‘You Don't Have To Hold On’ as sometimes its best to let go.

After listening to this track on repeat none stop due to its feel good vibe I give them a solid 10/10 and highly recommend anyone to give them a listen even if it's just once.

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