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Kosmonauts - Falling Apart - Review

Kosmonauts – Falling Apart Hailing from the northern city of Manchester, Kosmonauts are a fantastic 4 piece breathing fresh air into the indie scene. 

Boasting a sweet sound of twangy guitars and inspiringly catchy vocal hooks their latest release ‘Falling Apart’ brings a new edge to the table. Opening up with honest drum fills and dancy guitars this track definitely gives you more than one reason to keep your eye on this new act. 

It’s clean and its catchy, Robs vocals catch you slightly off guard its not what you expect bu there’s truly an aspect of talent here and that’s not to be missed. ‘Falling Apart’ is a song written about losing a relationship, but I have to admit this band deserves more of a relationship with every listeners ears.

Although in their infancy as a band a song like this shows true promise and really gives us something to look forward too from these lads.  30 seconds into the song you suddenly realise you are listening to a rare mix of Morrisey and Foals. There’s not quite the odd time signatures but there’s a nice mix of sadness in lyrical content and optimism in the guitar licks. Oh! It is most definitely the Manchester sound! The whole song effortlessly flows giving the listener instant comfort, there are layers and that’s what’s important, its not just a verse/chorus combination. There’s added nuances that make it seem like so much more whether that’s an extra harmony layer or an extra guitar track. The production is on point! The mix isn’t overly complicated which helps it stand out, there’s nothing fighting for sonic space. As an overall rating the song deserves a listen, Kosmonauts are band I’ll be keeping my eye on. 9/10 G 

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