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Cobolt Collision - Saints & Sinners - Review

Cobolt Collision

Saints & Sinners By Jude

Cobalt Collision are a four piece band from Preston, Lancashire with a female front lead. 

The band is made up of lead vocalist Jessie, Jimi as the bands guitarist and backing vocalist, Rob on the drums and Ryan on the bass/guitar.

I first met this four piece band last year when I attended Overload Festival situated at The Ferret in my hometown and ever since then whenever I've been told they are playing in Preston I make sure its a gig I do not miss for the world.

I immediately connected with the band members and was really inspired by Jessie for being the lead vocalist of an incredible band. 

Jimi, Ryan and Rob are also absolutely incredible and always give a show stopping performance every time.

Since this band became a part of my life they made me feel fall in love with alternative/indie genre all over again. 

Their EP Saints and Sinners on Spotify is just incredible and hearing the songs played live are just a show stopping, heart racing, and I can guarantee its a show not to be missed. 

I give this band a rating 10/10 due to the fact you listen to their music or attend their gig I can guarantee you will feel pumped and excited and wanting to hear more of them.  

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