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Murderburgers - What A Mess - Review


What A Mess 

1 Turning 30 Was An Eye Opener 2 I'm Sorry About Christmas Eve 3 The Art Of Being A Sad Sack Of Shit

4 Shots In My Skull 5 Pick A Knife, Any Knife 6 It Better Rain Tomorrow 7 Dying On An Empty Stomach 8 October Lied To Us 9 You Deserve Better, Samantha 10 I Remember Feeling Alive 11 Hard Well Close 12 Axes To Grind 13 The Things That Help You Sleep At Night 14 The Thing That Helps Me Survive Coming straight out the depths of the Scottish punk scene the melodic punk legends Murderburgers kick down the doors and smash a glass of irn bru proving there is more to the country and their music then walking a stupid distance for some lass. The moment I hit play on this album I was hit with a humongous smile on my face. You know what to expect yet every corner holds a surprise ‘What A Mess’ is the bands 6th release and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down their movements. Filled with ample amounts of the kind of songs everyone recognises in the punk genre from grinding guitars to heavy anthems. The first song breaks you gently into the album and is a fantastic way of getting to know their new material. It embodies the idea of British pop punk, there’s plenty of thrash’s guitars and melodic vocal mixed with harmonies. The whole album feels like something from the early days of pop punk as if it was released the same time as early green day like Dookie. There are quite a few highlights to the album, give it a couple of listens and you’ll be singing along to the chorus’ and finding those few lines that really stand out to have a giggle at. It’s definitely one of those albums that fans of any genre could smash into the stereo. The best songs definitely include, You Deserve Better, Samantha and Axes To Grind. Instant classics in my books. If I had but one criticism, it’s the production of the album. It’s not of the highest quality, I feel like the high hats, guitars and vocals are all sat in the same frequency space and because of that they are all battling out for space in the mix. This squashes the rest of the band. Apart from that it’s a pretty damn good album. G

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