• Adam Ruane

Puppet Theory - Strike Three - Review

PUPPET THEORY STRIKE THREE DELIGHTFUL GUITAR POP A thoughtful track with a message, Puppet Theory drop on the table a large slab of catchy indie pop riffs mixed with high pitched vocals. 

Straight out of the gates the song welcomes you with a belter of an intro very reminiscent of the genre. It’s quite refreshing to hear in this modern era of synth and sample based pop. 

The chorus grabs you (although it took me a while to grasp the accent) but I feel like they are sections from completely different songs. 

It’s a classic pub gig song something that’ll get a good few people bouncing around and singing along. It’s got many layers to the recording giving plenty of different guitar tones and vocal harmonies in all the right places. 

It’s just a shame the final mix on the song makes the song feel somewhat hollow, ironically.

It’s a song you can’t help but love and after even a few listens the melodies and chorus will be ringing around your head. 

It’s a song that shows the band has plenty of promise. And you can’t help but love the message. 

I’d definitely give it a solid 7.5 / 10


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