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David Gray - Gold In A Brass Age - Review

It isn't every day you get to review the work of a living legend, and David Gray absolutely falls into that category.

With 11 albums under his belt Gold In A Brass Age becomes his first offering of original work in 4 years.

It's incredibly hard to review any of David's work without comparing it to the legendary White Ladder, arguably Gray's finest piece of work, but Gold In A Brass Age certainly holds it own with a glittering offering of songs.

It seems to show a new side to Gray with a much more relaxed vibe, low tempo songs with his famous smooth vocals are a constant throughout. 

As I said above, it's extremely difficult to compare new work when you have arguably written and released one of the greatest albums in history (White Ladder) and there were moments during listening where I just wanted something to reach out and pull me into the album, but on first listen nothing really seemed to pack that punch. 

It's a beautiful album and shows us all just how talented and important David Gray is to our music history and to see him back with new music can only be met with a positive remark. 

It will be great to see David build from this album and not leave it so long before he comes back with more for us.

Gold In A Brass Age is a reminder of the wonderful talent we have in this country and a very welcomed return for one of our greatest singer/songwriters. 

Final Riff Rating: 🔥🔥🔥

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