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Invoker - Interview

1. So, musically, where did it all go wrong? Which bad men/women lead you to forming the band? David Lukas (Vocals) - When Andy and Peter’s old Band split up in 2012, their desire for a new music project grew, that’s when me, who played in different Bands before, got involved. Shortly after, we asked Raphael, if he wanted to join us on the drums. We’re all from the same Village in the countryside of Lucerne, Switzerland. Our rehearsal room was in a barn, and we’re quite glad that these times are over, and we moved to a nicer place about two years ago *laughs*! Shortly after we started rehearsing our first songs, we began looking for a bass player. That’s when Patrick, a good friend who we knew from the swiss hardcore scene, joined the band and completed the line-up. 2. Hypothetical question; you’re at a wedding, stuck at a table with people you hate and can see an opening. Do you leave, or just get up and screw with the playlist? If you choose playlist, what do you put on? If you leave, where are you going, and can we come? DL – Both, first I would dick around and piss off some people I hate with the playlist and put on trashy 90s pop-songs or gangster-rap (which I enjoy) obviously. Then I would leave, call my best friends (and you guys), go to a nice place outside, probably in our home town by the lake, buy some beers and have a nice evening with people I love. After that I’d go home to my beloved girlfriend, our two cats and our dog. 3. Let’s talk visuals; pick five music videos that inspire you and tell us why?  DL - Hard question, one of my favourites is definitely Brian Fallon’s “Nobody Wins”, I get goosebumps and nearly cry every time I watch this video. Check it out, the whole record in general is one of my favourite records of all time. I also really enjoyed The Amity Afflictions three-part short story they released earlier this year for three songs of their mind-blowing new record “Misery.” The amount of time Joel Birch must’ve put in the writing process must be incredible. I have huge respect for this man and all the stuff he creates next to writing lyrics. My friends in Cold Reading have released a video clip to their song “Books and Comfort” a while back. I love the video, I love these guys and I think they are seriously on of the best, if not the best band we have in Switzerland. Also, I really enjoyed Fjørts Coleur Hotelsession, the ambience in the room it got recorded is amazing and I really love the dull setting. Also, the whole video looks like it’s in made in one-shot and it just looks brilliant. I still think that’s a tough question because I never really picked 5 favourite music-videos ever. So I’ll just pick The Gaslight Anthems “Handwritten” as the last one. 

First off because it’s my favourite band of all time and because the song is kind of a lovesong to writing and creating music. Because music is just so much more than just a few melodies. It can be connected to so much more, there can be so much emotions. I mean, music is the best damn thing on earth. 4. Which are the three albums in your collection that would surprise people the most? Also, provide video links. We like links. We even like saying the word Links! It makes us think of Zelda! DL – Hey! Zelda OOT is the best videogame ever!

I think the three most surprisingly records for people that don’t already know that I really don’t set boundaries in my music taste (apart from psy-trace, eww) and would just judge me by my looks with all my tattoos and the fact that I scream in a hardcore band would be: Haftbefehl – Unzensiert Drangsal - Hariescheim James Bay – Chaos And The Calm 5. Thinking outside of music; can you pick three films/books/graphic novels that have inspired you as an artist, and can you explain why? DL - I don’t think I got my inspirations for music in movies or books. Most of the inspiration I get from music or lyrics of people like Brian Fallon or Dave Hause. I really do love movies, but I don’t think they have inspired me in being an artist. 6. Another hypothetical; the Illuminati are real and have asked you to join them. Do you go for it and attempt to use your new power for good, or say no and join the mole people in forming an underground resistance? DL - For sure I would join the mole people, how the hell could you resist this handsome fella?!

7. Considering the rate in which we consume media on a daily basis, how do you feel a band can keep up with the constant outpour of information? DL – It’s definitely hard to keep up, specially when you’re lazy pieces of shits like we are sometimes and do not have someone in your team that’s very talented with graphical content and that kinda stuff. But we try our best to keep our followers entertained. 8. Tours; are you doing any, and if so, do you want to play for us? We live in the middle of nowhere just past the Outer Hebrides (Its near Scotland). DL – There are tours planned, but we cannot tell yet when and where exactly, but the UK will definitely be a part of it! We love playing, no matter where, we already played in the middle of nowhere in Serbia and Bosnia last year. Hit us up! 

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