• Adam Ruane

ROME - Interview

1. Which bands have had the biggest impact on you to date, musically and visually? 

Jerome Reuter (doing basically everything): That has to be Jacques Brel along with Leonard Cohen. No competition. I was and still am blown away - by Jacques presence and will and Leonards composure and poetry.

2. Which are the three albums in your collection that would surprise people the most? 

JR: Green Jelly - Cereal Killer / NTM - Paris sous les Bombes / Peggy March - Teen Idol of the World.

3. Thinking outside of music; can you pick three films/books/pieces that have inspired you as an artist, and can you explain why? 

JR: I could spontaneously come up with the film Despair (1978) by Fassbinder, Heiner Müller's play Die Hamletmaschine, Ezra Pound's Cantos. But then again, that doesn't do it justice at all, because I draw inspiration from so many things at the same time. 

A lot of the influences you have, you're not fully aware of until much later. Let's say, I generally seek out the kind of works that change the arenas they were conceived for. The stuff after which nothing is as it was before.

4. Where and when can we next expect to see you guys playing? 

JR: We got a European tour booked with lots of dates in Germany, Poland and a few others, as usual. Not sure what will be first, as our booker is filling up the calendar further as we speak.

5. As we’re coming to the end of 2018, which albums have stuck out to you most this year and why?

JR: I have no idea. I haven't bought anything this year, really. Just loads of books. If something is meant for me to listen to, it will come my way somehow.

6. What was the inspiration behind your 


JR: I went to this weird museum on Lake Garda last year and made some photographs of World War One stuff and old opera posters and such that a friend of mine redrew and we just kind of pasted it together.

7. Who are the biggest bands you’ve played with so far? 

JR: I don't suppose they will remember, but we were billed with Sepultura and Biohazard and the likes. Those were festivals, of course, so I'm not sure it really counts.

There's probably quite an impressive list of names there by now, because we used to play a lot of all kinds of festivals. We mostly do our own headlining shows now. Small clubs, they work best for this kind of music. We don't really fit in anywhere - which I kinda like.

8. What’ve you got lined up for the new year? 

JR: More studio time, more touring...what can I say. Clean living and a pure heart. 

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