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Primal Static - Interview

Riff Media Interview - Primal Static 1. Which bands have had the biggest impact on you to date, musically and visually?

G.T.: I wouldn't say bands individually, music has affected me in many different ways and many different forms, from classical to blues to folk to rock, of all sorts, electronic music, tribal music, music from morocco, all over the globe. Music in general, in different styles and definitions have affected me. 2. Which are the three albums in your collection that would surprise people the most? 

G.T.: I've no idea. 3. Thinking outside of music; can you pick three films/books/pieces that have inspired you as an artist, and can you explain why?

G.T.: Ingmar Bergmans films have deeply effected me, especially Fanny and Alexander, which is like a tale within a tale, just miraculous. His story telling and use of color is peerless. 

The Shoes Of Dead Comrades: this Poem by Jackie Kay is magnificent, and really shows how poetry can express things that prose never can. Its an homage to her father, at least that's how I read it.

The Logical Song: This is an old song, but I'm always moved by its almost Nietzschean lyrics and how society tries to manipulate a person into a role, and how lonely that fight for individuation can be. 4. Where and when can we next expect to see you guys playing?

HouFei: We have a spring US west coast tour starting early March. Specifics can be found here

or on our Facebook page 5.As we’re coming to the end of 2018, which albums have stuck out to you most this year and why?

G.T.: Barns Courtney, FEVER 333, Des Rocs. They all rock and seem authentic. 6. What was the inspiration behind your artwork?

G.T.: Power, struggle, diversity, movement, to name a few. 7. Who are the biggest bands you’ve played with so far?

HouFei: We have been playing with a ton of local talents all over the US? 

G.T.: I think of them all as big, as long as they're authentic! 8. What’ve you got lined up for the new year?

HouFei: As mentioned earlier, we have a spring US west coast tour in support of the release of “The Corrupting of The Revolution.” There is a sister EP that will be released later in 2019. We are planning on touring UK/Europe when we release that EP. 

G.T.: Writing and creating as usual of course and just keep good vibes going. 

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