• Adam Ruane


INTRCPTR are bringing a nostalgic desert rock sound to the modern age, with their quick and to the point double single release II. Chock full of tasteful riffs and heavy drums, this is a release you don’t want to sleep on if you’re into your stoner rock! The duo’s raw and authentic approach to recording makes II feel like you’re with them in the studio. Recorded in two live takes with little additional embellishment, it’s refreshing to have a band steer clear of the temptations of the digital music age. When everything can be faked, it’s hugely appealing to hear something real. The opener Dusted wastes no time in establishing who INTRCPTR are and what they’ve set out to accomplish. It teases for all of four seconds before teleporting you slap-bang into the middle of the desert - a relentless Sun melts riffs until they’re low and loose, as furious drums echo through gargantuan canyons. This is a band who’s central mantra revolves around huge , fuzzy guitars and infectiously groove laden drums. Just how I like it. Ben Carr’s opening riff zigzags ferociously like a wasp in a jar as Larry Herweg’s beat screws the lid on tight. In proper stoner / desert rock style, the duo hammer this section into your head just long enough for the following key change to hit you like a tonne of bricks. It’s a spine tingling cascade that stretches into the sky before plummeting back down to familiar territory. The instrumental nature of the band gives a lot of freedom for the attention to be focused on the journey of the song itself. It meanders from section to section, not following any strict code, it sounds like this was made in a jam session and it’s original identity has been kept faithfully. After the tension built up by Dusted, D.I.W.I.W.Y.L is the release. Way more room to breathe, it’s like the wasp was set free into a cavernous landscape. Almost throughout, you have the drone of the lowest string hitting the lowest note possible, giving it this relentless drive that makes you want to zone out. The non intrusive nature of the songs laid back attitude makes you sink deep into the desert sand. A classic, spacious sound to leave a lasting impression. II is out now on all major platforms, do yourself a favour and spare a few minutes to take a trip somewhere hot. FFO Kyuss, Sleep, Truckfighters 

- Troy Tittley, Riff Media. 

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