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Beth McCarthy - Wildfire - Review

One of the biggest talents on our local circuit has released quite possibly her greatest work to date.

York based Beth McCarthy has produced some incredible work over the past few years which has led industry experts to hotly tip her to be the next big thing and new release Wildfire should set her career alight. 

Beth is so incredibly talented as a singer/songwriter so it is no surprise that her recent string of releases are proving to be her best work and of the standard we are used to, however Wildfire gives off a feeling that something big is brewing.

It's beautifully composed and delicate and yet so powerfully emotional. McCarthy demonstrates her perfect, flawless vocal abilities accompanied by that renowned song writing ability.

Wildfire wouldn't be out of place in the charts and nor would McCarthy. With the likes of Dua Lipa, Sigrid and more recently Billie Eilish currently storming ahead with work of a similar quality it would be foolish to say Beth McCarthy won't soon be up there with those names, performing on the big festival stages, songs plastered all over the radio and her name thrown around the place as the latest hit artist. 

If that doesn't happen it would be a huge disservice to the music industry. McCarthy deserves to be a household name, and our money is on Wildfire making that happen.

Incredible just doesn't cut it, it's on another level, nothing will come close this year! 

You can check out the official video here:


Final Riff Rating: 


(Normally we only give up to 5 maximum, but, for the first time ever we have something worthy of more, so much more) 

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