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Chris D Bramley - One Of The Boys - Review

Leicester based solo artist Chris D Bramley has sent us over his new single One Of The Boys to check out.

Immidiately this jumps out and gives you a throwback to early days Arctic Monkeys with a large peppering of Libertines thrown in for excellent measure.

It's a great single although very short coming in at a modest 2 minutes 15 seconds. It left us begging for an extra verse but then again who are we to demand other people's art be changed?

Chris has demonstrated an exceptional ability to write indie bangers with One Of The Boys, it's enough to tease you into wanting more, it's short and sweet and we can only hope that new music is on the way soon to feed our appetite.

A very strong single from a promising artist, we want more! 

Final Riff Rating: 🔥🔥🔥 (could of been 4 if it had that extra verse..) 

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