• Adam Ruane

Foxbite - Nauticus -Review

Foxbite are new on the circuit and have sent us over their debut single Nauticus to get a feel for what they will be about.

We are always excited to see new bands on the scene and hear new music and in this case it is massively welcome.

Nauticus is a great debut release that gives a window into Foxbites capabilities as a band, it is incredibly difficult to slot them into one genre with a sound I've rarely come across. 

It's like melodic punk, it has grit it has emotion, it has hooks, riffs, melodies and is incredibly catchy. It's one of those songs you stick on repeat for a while to really immerse yourself into it.

With a strong meaning of being knocked down and clawing your way back up again it has a message we can all relate to at one time in our lives.

It's such an emotive piece from a new band just launching their career and if this is the kind of material they have in store we can't wait to hear more from them and see if they can build on such a huge debut.

You can follow Foxbite here:


Final Riff Rating: R R R *Ones to watch*

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