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Greta Van Fleet - Anthem of the Peaceful Army: Review

Wow, where the Hell do we start here? If you haven't yet heard of Greta Van Fleet then it's bound to be only a matter of time before you have them rammed down your throat like the rest of us.

It's a difficult one to review here because the lads have talent, there is no question over that, they can sing, they can play and they can produce music, but it's like I've jumped into some kind of time warp and gone back to the 70's/80's and not in a good way, it's almost as if the band are trying too hard to be retro and play on the whole old school vibes that they are dragging back up.

Over the recent years the whole nostalgia effect has hit us hard in every aspect of life, we've seen old movies brought back and reimagined, old games brought back and upgraded to fit in with the times but Greta Van Fleet have just dug out old records and said "we are going to do this, exactly this!" It's nothing new, it's nothing we haven't heard before, but it's the nostalgia effect that has gained them the "fame" they currently have and it's why they're selling out shows and selling records, nostalgia. 

Even the appearance is a straight up throw back, it looks like they've all walked into the nearest charity shop and chucked ten quid at the register and told them to throw anything that was brought out in the 70's on them.

I get what they are doing, and they are doing well, gaining praise from media and rock legends such as Robert Plant but for me they could have done it better, they should have done it better and when the nostalgia effect wears off it's hard to see where they will stand. 

Sure, retro is good, but that's because we grew up with these iconic albums, these goliath rock stars were ever present in our upbringing, Greta Van Fleet were not and when we get bored of reflecting on our past and we want to hear something new, something that is modern and with the times Greta Van Fleet will be left behind, in the past, where somehow they belong despite never existing in that period.

The too long, didn't read version of this is, Greta Van Fleet aren't "dad rock" a title no modern band wants to carry, they're more "grandad rock" and I personally can't wait for the dust to settle on this media frenzy that has dragged them through into the spotlight.

All in all, an okay album but not worthy of the massive hype around it.

Final Riff Rating: R R  

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