• Adam Ruane

Youth Illusion - Enemy: Review

For the last 11 years we have reviewed and listened to countless bedroom demos and unfinished pieces of work from developing bands, some have gone on to achieve little to nothing, disbanded and never really grew out of the 'garage band' phase, others have gone on to become incredibly successful bands in their own right and we have a very strong feeling that Youth Illusion are about to join the latter crew.

The three piece have been hard at work in the studio since forming and have recently released a couple of demos on Spotify to give a feel for what they are.

'Enemy' is the bands leading track and it's clear to see why they're choosing the single as the flagship of this new venture, it's big, energetic and in your face catchy as hell. 

What's even more impressive is the bands live show, we were lucky to catch them perform twice at the weekend at Pile Up Festival's Winter Warm Up event in Huddersfield, they opened the event up and sounded huge for an opening band and later in the night opportunity arose for them to perform as a main support act to I Set My Friends On Fire. The second set showed us what kind of future these guys have, they had the charisma, they captivated and held the crowd and their songs sounded massive, almost arena sized anthems which is enormously impressive considering the band have played 2 shows and are running on demos until their final product is released.

It's difficult to see the band fading away with the small arsenal of songs they currently have available to them, we can only see them going from strength to strength and really becoming a constant on the gigging circuit around the country.

The band have also announced a South African tour taking their brand of Punk Rock/Pop Rock abroad, making huge steps for a developing band.

Watch this space because we can see these guys blowing up within the next year or so! 

Riff Rating: R R R 



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