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Fear Without Reason - Interview

1. So, musically, where did it all go wrong? Which bad men/women lead you to forming the band?

(Ste Roberts - Guitar) I used to be in a band with Andy but that came to an end when I went to town and out of a bar walked the guitarist and my ex. Everthing clicked into place not just personally but I was straight on the phone to Zaz and within about a week - Fear Without Reason was born.

2. Hypothetical question; you’re at a wedding, stuck at a table with people you hate and can see an opening. Do you leave, or just get up and screw with the playlist? If you choose playlist, what do you put on? If you leave, where are you going, and can we come?

(SR) I’m not sure what I’ve done to be stuck at a table filled with people I hate - but I certainly won’t be sticking around. I’ll be rounding up the rest of the band and taking them to my local curry house or pub that’s also a curry house. 

(Zaz - Vocals) You can come too, it’ll be a party. Did you know Rich our other guitarist has only ever had 1 curry - and that was when he joined the band in 2017!

3. Let’s talk visuals; pick five music videos that inspire you and tell us why? Have to be five different artists. Also, we want links. Pictures, thousand words, etc.

(Z) Stone Sour - Through Glass - I’ve always loved this video and how fake it shows Hollywood to be.

(SR)Offspring - Kids Aren’t Alright. - Offspring was the band that got me wanting to play guitar and the first time a band consumed my life. Back in the 90s we just used to sit with whichever music video channel it was on the time and hope it came on. I loved everything about it. It probably helped that I wanted to be Dexter Holland, so this video is my moment where I am thinking - yeah - I wanna be a rock star.

(Rich Yates - Guitar) A Day To Remember - All I Want - This inspires me because of all the bands singing along to their song, it’s just so cool.

(Phil Wilkinson - Bass) Korn - Freak On A Leash - - I love the animation in this, its very different from most videos. It reminds me of watching anime back in the day and the band shots are awesome with the lighting and bullet holes.

(Andy Goodwin - Drums) The Avalanches - Frontier Phychiatrist - - It feels a bit left field but I remember watching this video so much when it came out for how bonkers, creative and different it was to any video I had ever seen before. 

4. Which are the three albums in your collection that would surprise people the most? Also, provide video links. We like links. We even like saying the word Links! It makes us think of Zelda!

(Z) Carrie Underwood - Cry Pretty. Her voice is amazing and I’m really into country music. The greatest showman is just mind blowing from start to finish and I love musicals too!

(RY) I’m going to say Boyz II Men, the self titled album. I started listening to R&B before anything else and I’m always drawn to music by vocals first. Vocal melody, note choice and tone.

(SR) Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Piano Album. It’s the soundtrack to a Nintendo DS game series but scored out on the piano. My brother got me the piano album from Japan for my birthday after I was raving how good it was.

5. Thinking outside of music; can you pick three films/books/graphic novels that have inspired you as an artist, and can you explain why?

(RY) My favourite movie is 500 days of summer just a great story about a guy who falls in love with a girl but because you see it all from his perspective you believe and want them to be together but the truth is it wasn't like that for her but you don't see that side until the end - Just a good message that life is not always so clear.

(SR) Commando. Do I need to explain why?

(AG) If he’s having commando I’m having Back to the Future!

6. Another hypothetical; the Illuminati are real and have asked you to join them. Do you go for it and attempt to use your new power for good, or say no and join the mole people in forming an underground resistance?

(SR) Sure, why not. We could put on awesome rock festivals and the mole people could come too!

7. Considering the rate in which we consume media on a daily basis, how do you feel a band can keep up with the constant outpour of information?

(Z) I think you just need to try your best and do your thing. We are learning all the time on what to do and we’ll keep using it to try and bring our band to more people.

8. Tours; are you doing any, and if so, do you want to play at ours? We live in the middle of nowhere just past the Outer Hebrides (Its near Scotland). 

(Z) We haven’t yet done a tour but we’d love to soon. 

(SR) Book it and they will come! 

(Z) Our last 2 shows of 2018 are at the o2 Academy Birmingham - theres a halloween show on October 27 and a Christmas show on December 1. 

You can check Fear Without Reason out here: Fear Without Reason 

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