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WSTR - Identity Crisis - Review

One of the most anticipated albums of the year has to be 'Identity Crisis' the next instalment from Liverpool pop punk outfit WSTR (pronounced Waster).

The band released a new music video for 'Crisis' the second track on the album which gave us some indication as to what the album was going to be, and it fits the title of the album perfectly. Identity Crisis seems to be a release of singles that each demonstrate the bands ability to blend modern pop punk with their own twist, there has quite often been comparisons made of the band with other top pop punk bands and this album seems to be their coming of age release where we see their true identity as a band and just how impressive they can be.

Each single seems jam packed with raw power and energy, the band have certainly put their all into the release and it comes off amazingly well.

I had such high hopes for the band and this album and it's safe to say that even after the first 3 or 4 singles these expectations have been largely surpassed.

I spoke to drummer Andy Makin and asked "What does Identity Crisis mean to the band and what are you hoping the fans take away from it?" 

Andy informed me that "Identity Crisis is the result of a lot of new ideas in the band and some ideas that we haven’t explored previously. I feel like it is much more balanced and thought out than our previous material. I want the fans to take whatever they want from it, once we release the songs then they take on a life of their own which I love!"  

Identity Crisis will wow current fans and win doubters over, that is for certain. The band have nailed the album and we can not wait for it to hit everyone! 

Identity Crisis Tracklisting 

1. Tell Me More 2. Crisis 3. Bad To The Bone 4. Promiscuous 5. The Latest 6. Silly Me 7. Fling 8. Hide Everything Sharp 9. See You In Hell 10. Ashtray 11. Riddle Me This

Crisis music video:


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