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Lyon Estates - Hokitika - Single Review

Not too long ago we were hit with the shocking news that local Pop Punk heroes Lyon Estates were going through some changes, notably frontman Alex departed and that man that sings every song ever in every band ever, Jonny Gill, was replacing him.

Everybody knew Jonny was a perfect fit, we actually called it that he would be the replacement with his extremely fitting vocals and passion for music it would be idiotic to have overlooked him.

We knew the old songs would be in capable hands, the main question was always going to be "what will the future hold?" This is in part down to Jonny been a part of so many projects, will they all begin to sound alike? How will he spread his glorious genius between his commitments to give his best work to each band/project? That question has not only been answered with the latest Lyon Estates single "Hokitika" but all future doubts will be put long to bed.

Without delving too deep into the single we can absolutely guarantee, with no disrespect to previous works, that this single is the absolute strongest Lyon Estates release of all time, I'll put my neck on the line with that statement! 

It keeps in line with Lyon Estates identity with the catchy choruses, well written lyrics and masterful composition but it swings a total new identity to the band with arguably Jonny Gill's strongest vocal performance on record.

We say it every time we have the pleasure, if not honour, of hearing these tracks before release, but Lyon Estates are easily the biggest prospect in the Pop Punk scene at the moment, and once Hokitika is released to the masses I think you'll all agree.

We've been waiting patiently for a single that will project the band to the size and audience we all know they are capable of reaching and if this isn't that single then something is seriously wrong with our scene.

A solid, magnificent effort that puts Lyon Estates firmly on top of the local scene, and absolutely nobody will take that crown anytime soon, I feel the bands modesty, kind heartedness and good nature is the one thing keeping them where they are, which is never a bad thing. To be good at what you do and demand the world is one thing, but to be experts and still be as caring, loving and supportive of all the bands, fans and charity causes around them is what separates you from the masses.

R R R R R the easiest full marks I will ever give a band, keep doing what you do Lyon Estates, nothing can stop you. 

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