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Our favourite event of last year's festival run has got to be Kendal Calling. It was incredibly well organised and the line-up was perfect. I've been dying to see what they have lined up this year and they have not disappointed me.


Normally I'd write down my top 3 or 4 bands that you have to see but with a line-up that packed it's impossible to lick so few, it's no surprise the festival sells out so quickly! 

So... who are a few bands you can not miss? 

James - If you miss James are you even really a music fan? As soon as they were announced they topped the weekend for me, I'm a huge fan. They have hit after hit and the crowd singing back to them will be a sight and sound to behold.

RUN DMC - If you say you don't know all the words to It's Tricky you are a liar. This will be the ultimate throwback and you get to see some true legends perform, perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity for some. 

Judas - A band we were so lucky to see at last year's Leeds Festival. They have an incredible stage presence and are so absorbing, you sense the lads truly have something special to give to the world.

Elvana - For the biggest "What?!" Moment of the weekend. Elvis + Nirvana. I'm ready. 

There is so much more to discover and do, the silent disco is a must visit, the scenery surrounding you is immense and the music just glues it all together.

Feeling pretty gutted you missed out on a ticket? The re-sale goes live here at the end of June. 

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