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All Eyes On - Lyon Estates

As a new segment we are dedicating time to exploring local bands and digging into their past, present and future.

With the unexpected news of front man Alex leaving the band emerging this week we have decided to take a look at local heroes Lyon Estates and pin point who may be the perfect replacement for their highly energetic and much loved vocalist.

(Alex 'Fish' Taylor [Centre] has decided to step away from the band. Photo by HodgePhotography)

A vocalist is a huge position to fill, it is a major part of the bands identity and isn't something to be taken lightly, so with that in mind here are our contenders with pros and cons for who may pick up the torch and begin the next chapter with Yorkshire's brightest band.

1) Zac Roughton - Current band One Way Street:

Roughton would be a solid shout for replacement, he is tour experienced which is a huge bonus for the band as they seek to continue to develop and is part of the pop-punk family that is constantly developing within the scene. As for the cons... Well, his hair would most definitely conceal the rest of the band on stage, and One Way Street are doing pretty well for themselves so time constraints would be hard to work within for both bands, maybe not the man for the job this time.

2) Jonny Gill - Current band(s) On The Ropes, Pray for Hayden and Solo acoustic.

Jonny Gill is the most loved man on the Yorkshire music circuit, he has an unfathomable amount of experience playing shows and touring not to mention he has the energy and the passion on top of the talent and has filled in on vocal duty for Lyon Estates before, the only issue? He has approximately nine million music projects on the go so maybe adding one more would be a little bit silly, but who knows?!

3) Ash Elliot - Current band Pray For Hayden

I have long admired Pray For Hayden, in fact they were the first band that we worked with in an official press capacity, they also appeared on the first ever show we ran when we began promoting and also featured as one of the first bands on the first Riff Tour. I won't even humor this one, Ash could do the job but I have been waiting too f***ing long for the newest Pray For Hayden release so his time is best spent on that.

4) Declan Gough - Current band Safeguard

Gough, second on the left, is front man for Safeguard who are rising through the York music scene. We have high hopes for the lads and believe they will be ones to watch over the next couple of years. Declan also filled in on vocal duties for Lyon Estates recently so has experience but his immediate commitments need to be focused on Safeguard.

Those are our picks for people capable and suitable for the replacement however we will have to wait to hear official word from the band on the direction they are going to take. Let us know your thoughts on who you want to see fronting the band in the future, maybe they will continue as a three piece with John Wace taking up full vocal duties? Only time will tell.

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