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Northern Horizon - You Let Me Down

Newcastle based pop-punkers Northern Horizon have reached out to us with their new EP 'You Let Me Down'. Here is what we think.

First impressions are everything when sending your music to someone, be that a reviewer, radio station or even a label and I think it is safe to say that Northern Horizon have absolutely nailed it head on with this EP.

The first impressions are that the band have a lot going for them! An outstanding pop-punk sound not too dissimilar from other leading artists in the genre. You Let Me Down is a short and sweet example of what the band can offer the UK Pop Punk scene, it also demonstrates the versatility that the band holds as they have the ability to perform melodic pop-punk as well as more up-beat higher tempo pop-punk.

I think the only bad note here is that it is too short, it isn't easy to produce something that leaves the listener expecting to hear another song only to realise they have hit the end of the record, a very moreish release.

It is great to see the Pop-Punk scene continue to flourish and I am sure Northern Horizon will be a name we see more of in the very near future. They certainly will not let you down with this EP!

R R R *Ones To Watch*

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