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Everyone and Anyone - A Page From A Journal - Review

The UK Pop-Punk scene seems to be going from strength to strength as of late and the calls to defend Pop Punk has faded fast as everyone and anyone (see what we did there?) begin to start writing and playing Pop-Punk.

Everyone and Anyone have released their eagerly anticipated second EP A Page From A Journal which completely embodies Pop Punk, stories of raw emotion and the conquest of life splattered down into a diary and transferred into gritty, bouncy Pop-Punk.

A Page From A Journal is a fantastic example of how to do Pop-Punk correctly and very, very well. Everyone and Anyone have mastered the genre and look to go from strength to strength with each release. It is now a question of what they bring next and what we can expect from the band and just how they can deliver across a larger release with an album.

Time will only tell if the band will strive in an already congested Pop-Punk scene or if they will falter and fall beneath the radar, but at the end of the day we need to remember that playing Pop-Punk isn't about the money, the sell out shows or the mass amount of's about how fun it is and how inclusive it is to be a part of and it's that kind of attitude that has created this enormous family of Pop-Punk protectors.

A fantastic little EP from a band that seem to live and breath Pop-Punk, we are excited to hear an album though so here's hoping we get one soon, eh?


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