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Never Found - The Human Condition

Oxford based Metalcore band Never Found have sent us across their newest release 'The Human Condition' and holy shit it is sounding massive!

Due for release on October 6th the band have thrown everything they have into the record, raw emotion, blood, sweat and determination and it has paid off enormously.

The EP is hard hitting from the get go, dragging you in and engaging you immediately with powerful riffs, captivating hooks and an overall sense of passion in the creation of their music.

You can sense some of the bands influences throughout the tracks, including vocals that could be compared to Bullet For My Valentine meets Aiden. Never Found have a dynamic blend of vocal work which helps diversify their sound between songs on the EP keeping them fresh and relevant, a band that will most likely never get old, boring or repetitive.

You can tell just how hard the band have worked to ensure that this EP is the best piece of work that they could produce and I am sure there will be a buzz around the band camp upon release as the worthy praise comes pouring in.

A fantastic and exciting release and just as exciting band!

Great work guys.

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R R R R *Ones to watch*

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