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Hopes Up High - Fingers Crossed, Eyes Closed - Review

Scottish Pop-Punkers Hopes Up High have chucked their newest release at us 'Fingers Crossed, Eyes Closed'.

Pop-Punk is dangerously close to becoming an overcrowded scene which will make it incredibly hard for bands in the genre to break out, simply because everyone will pretty much sound the same, singing the same style of songs and fighting for the same attention.

It is incredibly difficult to find something that stands out these days but fair play to the lads in Hopes Up High, who have broken away from the typical structure of modern pop-punk and have tried to incorporate a little bit of punk with gritty vocals.

There is no denying their capabilities to produce an incredible pop-punk EP/Album and Fingers Crossed, Eyes Closed has some incredible tracks on there, well written, well presented and representing the Scottish Pop-Punk scene admirably.

The EP puts the band on par with most of the other emerging bands in the genre and they certainly have the knack for writing and creating great pop-punk, the next question will be can they develop it into something new, can they deliver something that other's can't, can they break away and stand out from the crowd? We certainly think so.

It will be great to see what else is to come from the band and the direction that they take in an ever growing genre. All that aside though, a fantastic EP from a very promising band.


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