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Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles - Interview

This year we have been extremely fortunate in being able to attend multiple festivals and meet many, many bands on our journey. We had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with the lads in Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles for a chat, unfortunately the camera malfunctioned and only recorded a slight snippet so here is the transcribed interview with a few pictures from our meet up.

Adam - So, tell us a little bit about Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles, we know you went through an auditioning process to find members, what were you looking for?

Billy Bibby - Somebody with natural blonde hair (Whilst looking at Matt Bassy, who is now sporting the blondest of bleached blonde hair) and someone who has an undying love for Home Alone (whilst looking at Mike Pearce who is sporting a Home Alone tee shirt).

Matt Bassy - And someone who doesn't like making public appearances (referencing missing member Rob Jones).

Billy Bibby - I just wanted people that were dedicated and committed to the music, and were good enough to get us where we want to be.

Adam - And what are your influences behind the music at the moment?

Billy Bibby - Old school Kings of Leon is the vibe we are aiming for

Matt Bassy - With a bit of Americana thrown in

Adam - So, we don't want to talk about Catfish here, I am sure you are sick of being asked about them

Billy Bibby - Wow, I think you are the first to actually not want to talk about that!

Mike Pearce - You should tell them everything now they don't care

Billy Bibby - I am tempted to just say everything now

Matt Bassy - Tell them about the bath story!

Adam - We don't want to delve into it, just yet, but obviously they are big and now you guys are on the rise, do you think that is a testament to you as a musician?

Billy Bibby - No, not really, everybody has worked hard on this project to get us where we are and everybody has been so kind and helpful

Mike Pearce - We have had so many people being so nice to us and doing us favours, which has been great

Adam - So what has the response been like at recent shows, and obviously you played here earlier which was a bit of a disaster as your set was changed last minute and Larkins were on instead of you when we came to see

Billy Bibby - Yeah that was a very last minute change but my cousin is in Larkins so I wasn't too fussed about that, we had a great turn out and some people maybe came to see us and ended up seeing Larkins instead

Pickle - That happened to us, but we really enjoyed their set

Adam - So what are your thoughts on Kendal Calling so far?

Matt Bassy - Muddy

Mike Pearce - It's been very fun so far, and we are here all weekend so we are really looking forward to that

Adam - And who are your must sees of the festival?

Matt Bassy - The bloody Larkins

Mike Pearce - Larkins

Matt Bassy - Bill, your cousin is going to love this interview, Larkins are all over it

Mike Pearce - Larkins are very good though

Billy Bibby - Yeah, Larkins were a must see, Stereophonics, Manic Street Preachers, I'm trying to think of some of the smaller bands that people may not of heard of that you should check out, Little Comets are a must see, they play on the same stage we did.

Adam - So you recently released a new single, 'Hamburg' what has the response being like to that?

Matt Bassy - Yeah, is that even out yet? Is there a video, I don't think there is

Mike Pearce - It's definitely out..

Billy Bibby - Yeah, it is out there, the feedback has been great so far!

Adam - And you guys are unsigned at the moment, are you planning on going to a label or staying D.I.Y?

Billy Bibby - I'd like to go to a label eventually, but there's nothing saying we can't be independent

Mike Pearce - Yeah, it is easier to be D.I.Y now

Adam - And so, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Billy Bibby - We are going to be out and about playing as many shows as possible and focusing on the music

Adam - With Larkins as support?

Matt Bassy - LARKINS!

Adam - And finally, any final messages for anyone back home

Matt Bassy - Go watch Larkins!

Billy Bibby - Thank you for the support, go and watch Larkins

Mike Pearce - Larkins, Larkins.

Matt Bassy - Actually, this is a message for Kelly Jones, sort your set-list out mate, oh and Manic Street Preachers, if you need a bassist I am right here.

Thanks so much for your time lads, it was a pleasure meeting up and having a chat, maybe we can catch up soon for another one and you can tell us what the hell the deal is with this bath story...

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