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No Insight - Tears, Beers and Let Downs - Review

London based pop-punk trio No Insight have fired us over their second EP 'Tears, Beers and Let Downs' to check out ahead of it's release, which is scheduled for the 11th August. Here is what we think.

We have been doing a lot of work with pop-punk bands lately and with so many talented ones out there it is becoming increasingly difficult to break the mould and embrace something unique. No Insight have somehow managed to do something that no other pop-punk band seems to be doing, and that is focusing on that second word up there, punk!

The band have ditched the overly used sound of modern day pop-punk and have really tried to infuse an old school punk twist to their tracks in order to stand out, and it certainly works.

The EP is five tracks of pure gold that really demonstrates what the band are all about and the sound and twists that they are trying to put into their music.

They have decided to release 'Critical' as the flagship single for the EP and it is hard to disagree with their logic, the track represents them clearly and paves way for what the rest of the EP has in store for us all.

'Critical' showcases the bands capability of writing incredible songs with catchy lyrics, mean hooks and chunky riffs that gel everything together beautifully.

'Tears, Beers and Let Downs' is an enormous step forward for the band and the pop-punk genre and we can't wait to see what else is in store from the guys!

R R R R *Ones to watch*

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