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Chester Bennington - In Memoriam

News has started to spread like wildfire that iconic Nu-Metal and Rock icon Chester Bennington, frontman of seminal Nu-Metal band Linkin Park, has tragically passed away at the age of 41.

Reports are suggesting Bennington hung himself following a lengthy battle with depression and abuse.

Regardless of your thoughts on the music produced by the band it is undeniable that Linkin Park and Chester are one of the most iconic figures/band in rock history and the imprint left behind will continue to influence bands for many years to come.

Linkin Park were incredibly important to the development of the rock scene, most bands take influence from them and almost every single person on the planet will know at least one Linkin Park song if not actually own at least one CD.

The important message we need to take away from this tragic news is that mental health issues need to be address a lot more seriously, Chester Bennington being the second high profile rock icon to pass this year from hanging following the death of Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell in May, today would have marked Cornell's 53rd birthday.

We were incredibly fortunate to be able to witness Chester doing what he did best whilst on stage this year, a thoroughly professional musician who had enormous pride in his work and a true passion for experimenting with what he could achieve musically.

Remember, it is okay to not be okay! If you need someone to talk to you can approach the following charities and foundations set up to expertly deal with mental health and depression.


Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Rest in peace Chester. In the end, you really mattered.

Chester Bennington - 20th March 1976 - 20th July 2017

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